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Bears and new friends become a truly scary combination in this story; one in a popular series about the famous old dog Jack and his boy.
This is an exciting new way to learn and appreciate real outdoors and wildlife. They are classic adventures that are sure to be enjoyed over and over.

There are many five star reviews for the series; as you fall in love with the stories be sure and contact the author for special promotions, honest reviews with free bonuses. www.VictorBrodt.com or contact with the same author name @gmail.com
These stories are a series. #1 in three Amazon categories! School, kid, and parent friendly. Home school, and public teachers, churches, and even adults without kids, especially animal lovers, rave over our materials.
The stories are not just entertaining, and fun loving; if you let them, they will change your world. Please buy a copy today so you can tell others what you have discovered

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