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Dog Stories and much more

The main place we distribute the books is through Amazon. The page needs to be searched a little to see, but we have special full color children’s editions, we have audio books, and e-books (some in kid and adult color versions)  as well as printed editions. We love to tell dog stories, but there are other items and more soon to come. If you see something on our pages that you can not find, please contact us as we have multiple promotions and distribution points, otherwise go to for our most full fledged location.

Great digital dog and pet stories and more are also available through Smashwords immediately in e-versions which include Apple, Kobo,  Barnes & Noble e-readers, and others formats.  This is my best choice for free digital samples and to purchase stories This is also the location to download Jack the Dog Magic Night and Brian’s Search along with an expanding list of other works. Some we list only with Smashwords, so that Amazon does not have a monopoly, Smashwords distributes to other places like iTunes and other smaller outlets.

For Printed versions please go to They should have the best prices for the printed versions, if not please do inform me. We have a lot to keep track of!

Jack the Dog: and His Boy an e-version can be purchased in full at

For those who like the convenience of wireless Amazon to Kindle follow this -printed books can also be purchased at the Amazon location.

Please regularly visit JacktheDog.Us  and Facebook at JacktheDog for further updates and fun information about dogs, pets, animals, and people who love them.

Other releases coming soon!

Be sure and check out the previews. If you would like to review a brand new release or get a special free promotion please contact us as soon as possible. We do lots of free promotions! We also work with charities of all kinds. Click the contact to find out more.

***Wishing what every good dog always sees in you, the Best!

Victor Brodt


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