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Victor Brodt is a long time speaker, artist, author, and  pastor who has now taken his stories that have proven most popular and put them in written form. A wide range of audiences have loved and encouraged him throughout the years.

Victor is a person of many talents and gifts but loves most to tell the special parables of his faithful old friend Jack the Dog.  Jack has become a well-known friend to many, he captures the best things about all of us. Jack the Dog: And His Boy was the first book among the many and growing number of stories now in circulation.

Victor calls himself a Jack of all trades with a Masters in one with “tongue in cheek” but he is not kidding about his wide range of interests and passions. The heart of a Labrador Retriever has rubbed off on his lifestyle, you will see it in all he does. The stories he tells are not just entertaining, and fun loving; if you let them, they will change your world.

Over the years Victor has proven to be both a successful businessman and a family man who knows his purpose and mission.

Victor and his true love live in Northern Nevada. Together they have faced many unusual and difficult challenges while still continuing with a passion to share with others the deep joy they have come to know so well.


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Please stay in touch with us, give feedback and ask questions because further releases and improvements, will be based on your feedback and encouragement. We also have amazing free things lined up. So do it, join us!


Victor Brodt

The Joy Pastor


VictorBrodt   (with the at sign)  gmail.com (this is done so that spam is a little less likely:-)


The name is also easily searchable on Amazon, Google or other search engines as it is a very unique name.  Consider yourself heartily invited to be part of those who choose to live in joy.


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