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About Animals, Pets, and Heaven and how telling dog stories answered a quest.

Our dog stories are about how one dog’s love and dedication so deeply ingrained a quest for answers. Is love forever? Why are we so drawn to, and touched buy the creatures around us? What is it about pets like our dogs and cats that speak more than we can explain?



This is a poster that you may download for at no cost to you,  I hope it will remind you of the very best things in life.

Have you ever wondered about your pets, animals and Heaven? Will you see your dog or cat there? I am the author of Jack the Dog stories, but I did some considerable research, and I feel it is conclusive. Here’s the video to back it. Pets, Animals, and Heaven

All I ask is that you please contact me and let me know, just go to contact page. I will keep you updated on other great free stuff, or just let me know so that I can get feed back. You can ask not to be on any list, I just need feedback for my projects. Also let me know if you would like a signed print, or free eBooks as a review on your part.

I also have an idea, if you would like your pet placed in the poster, contact me, it can be done if you have a presentable photo, or I can work it into something that would be a good fit.


More than just stories about a dog; they are really stories about you.

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Meaning, joy, and treasures; some last forever. Find them in the simple heart of a good dog. They’re stories about YOU and amazing answers.

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Jack the Dog  a fun Facebook site with videos and comments about things related to dogs, pets

What this dog was made to be, special in his own way. Just one part of the original series Jack the Dog: and His Boy. Many of the stories have delighted audiences for years, now these are available in book form. Maybe changing to sole promotion at Amazon, check

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Bears and new friends become a truly scary combination in this story; one in a popular series about the famous old dog Jack and his boy.
This is an exciting new way to learn and appreciate real outdoors and wildlife. They are classic adventures that are sure to be enjoyed over and over.

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Take treasure in a magic holiday. Rediscover the best things life has to offer. Prepare to enjoy a story that is really about you and those most precious to you. This is part of the original Jack the Dog: And His Boy; which tells the entire saga from beginning to end. Many of the dog stories have touched audiences for years, now available in book form.

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Dog and Boy Baseball is about hope and finding unbridled friendship in unexpected ways. These poignant short stories are part of the popular series about Jack the dog. Love on four legs begins to work a genuine magic in one boy’s heart, but that’s only a start. Kid approved. For children and adults. Share the wonder and joy of no strings, dog love.

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A good dog, and bad dogs. Real life struggles dramatically impact to our lives. The story is a modern day parable about precious things and the struggles in your life.

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Finally a refreshing work that you will want to read  over and over again!”

  • Why?

Treasure, love and passions might be counterfeit, but some shall prove real. Find vital clues to what every person needs. Discover the difference between merely existing or living life to its fullest! Pure uncluttered love, the kind which pours out of a simple puppy, reveals the perfect destination. Find the unbridled joy of these pages!

  • How

These true life parables are not just simple stories of humor and vibrancy. They are about the undying love of an amazing dog friend. These accounts have been winnowed down to an essence which unleashes a powerful ability to truly discover the best things in life.

  • Proven

Make no mistake, this book was crafted to be read again and again. Jack Stories were fondly compiled over decades of honing by speaker Victor Brodt, who has been amazed at the incredible outpouring of response to this wonderful set of stories. Buy a copy for yourself and a friend, and even perhaps an enemy, who ought to be a friend. Read it! This willchange your world!



There is no malice in the heart of a puppy. May you believe in his kind of heart and truly discover what every good dog already sees in you!”

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